My friend Pete runs a Bushcraft business and wanted me to write about this outdoor experience.

So on a beautiful day in August, Pete took me and my two daughters and a family friend on a foraging experience in the Snowdonia area.

It needs to be said that we have never done anything like this before. My daughters are normally on their phones 24/7, on social media, so to experience this with family and friends was a unique experience. There was no wifi so their phones were firmly put away and were not taken out during this experience and that really surprised me.

We went to an area that Pete was clearly familiar with. Pete started off by showing us these orange/yellow colour mushrooms that are called Chanterelles that he found growing from the woodland floor. We then set off trying to find these for ourselves. It took us a while to find some as I guess our eyes had to adjust to what we were trying to find but after a short period of time we all started finding them and before too long we had collected enough for an evening meal.

I was delighted that my teenage daughters got so involved with this experience and began looking for these mushrooms. It made such a change to what they normally do during the day.

The experience continued with Pete walking us up a mountain in another part of Snowdonia where we set up tents ready for camping out overnight. Pete had caught a fish earlier that day and had prepared it for us to eat that evening, along with the chanterelles that we had collected.

Pete then made a camp fire and we all sat around watching Pete prepare and cook our tea. We all tucked into the food by eating every bit of it, loving the tastes. I believe that part of the reason for this was due to us picking and processing our own food.

We then settled down for the night.

The experience according to my daughters was “unreal”. Everything from foraging our own food to cooking and eating it to staying overnight in the outdoors up a mountain.

I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to do something completely different as a family or with a group of friends. Pete was brilliant fun and an excellent instructor who clearly knows what he is doing and talking about. I trusted him fully. He build a fantastic rapport with us and we had a lot of laughs throughout the day and evening.

Thoroughly recommend it 100%.


Hayling Island

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